What We Offer

Music Masters was formulated in 1987 by music teachers specializing in piano theory. Sue Colvert, Peggy Gallagher, Dr. Dianne Garvin and Sandra Greenland have many years of teaching experience. Seeing a need for materials to prepare students for the Florida State Teachers Student Day, Music Masters developed rules and practices adhering to the FSMTA Guidelines.

Workbooks show exact requirements and practices for mastering them and consist of 16-25 pages, depending upon level. Levels Primary – 12.

Aural Theory (ear training) flash drives or CDs are self instructional for each required skill. Level 1 -12 (no Primary requirement).

Keyboard Skills visually depict the required skill, with fingerings where needed. Level Primary – 12.

Sample pages can be found here.

The study of music theory:

  1. Creates a well-rounded, educated musician
  2. Can be used with any method
  3. Teaches the structure of music
  4. Facilitates memorization
  5. Prepares an excellent foundation for advanced study

The workbooks, flash drives and CDs may be ordered using the Music Masters Order Form.